New York State Legislature Rocked By Yet Another Corruption Scandal

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The New York Times reports today on yet another corruption scandal in the New York state legislature. Brooklyn Sen. Carl Kruger (D), along with state Assemblyman William F. Boyland Jr. (D), and Richard Lipsky, an influential lobbyist, are expected to turn themsleves in on corruption charges today.

"Mr. Kruger had been under investigation by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn who were looking into accusations that he had helped businessmen surmount bureaucratic hurdles in exchange for assistance raising campaign money, but the charges stemmed from an investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors and the FBI."

Pay-to-play is nothing new in Albany. For years the Capitol has been plagued with the reputation as a place where wealthy interests and their lobbyists hold all the sway, and this is just another example of that. Since the New Year, a robust campaign to bring publicly financed Voter-Owned Elections to New York State has been in full swing. In his State of the State address earleier this year, Gov. Cuomo voiced his support for such a measure and this latest scandal shows that there has never been a better time to clean up Albany than right now.

If you live in New York, find out more about the Voter-Owned Elections campaign by going to And take action to make sure that the state government is accountable to the people, not wealthy interests.

Read the full NYT story here.