After Taking Away Workers Rights, Wisconsin GOP Coming to Washington, D.C. for Corporate Lobbyist Payoff

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Talking Points Memo has a story today on the corporate lobbyist fundraiser being held next week for the Wisconsin Republicans who just voted to strip state workers of their rights. The fundraiser is being hosted by The BGR Group, one of the largest corporate lobbyng firms in the country.

The story cites a report released yesterday by Public Campaign Action Fund that showed, among other things, that a client of BGR, WE Energies, an energy utility based in Milwaukee, has spent more than $300,000 on lobbying with BGR since 2009.


"Executives with the company gave more than $10,000 to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's (R) 2010 campaign. And WE Energies' ties to the Republican state Senate caucus run even deeper than that: Heather Leibham, who has worked for the company in state regulatory advocacy, is the wife of state Sen. Joe Liebham (R), who cast his vote against collective bargaining rights this week along with 17 of his Republican colleagues."

It takes a lot of nerve to travel to Washington, D.C. for a corporate lobbyist payoff right after taking away workers' rights. But it's not surprising considering how much sway corporate and special interest campaign cash has over lawmakers. As long as elected officials, like the ones in Wisconsin, keep doing their bidding, the big money from wealthy interests will keep on coming, and hard working Americans will continue to get the short end of the stick.

Check out the full PCAF report here.

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