Early Coverage of Yesterday's Wisconsin GOP D.C. Corporate Lobbyist Fundraiser Protest

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Yesterday's protest of the Wisconsin Republican corporate lobbyist money grab drew a huge crowd to downtown Washington, D.C. Public Campaign Action Fund, along with a number of other organizations in the area, organized the event that helped send a message that working familes, not corporate campaign cash, should come first.

Here's a round up of the early coverage of the protest:

A story in the Capital Times in Madison, Wisconsin:

Public Campaign Action Fund's National Campaigns Director, David Donnelly, is quoted:

“Last week Wisconsin Republicans stripped workers of their rights and they’re in D.C. tonight scooping up their corporate paycheck,” David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund, said as the gathering took place. “There won’t be any teachers or nurses forking over checks tonight at their lobbyist fundraiser -- and that’s exactly why (we’re) outside tonight letting Wisconsin and the country know what they’re up to.”

Coverage of the protest in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area:

"Protesters reportedly forced their way inside the building, crashing the event. Hundreds more remained outside, rallying against Governor Walker's amended budget repair bill. Officials say protests also created a traffic jam as streets were shut down to accommodate the crowd."

The Journal Times in Wisconsin ran this story:

“Having corporations dictate our government, that’s not the Wisconsin I grew up in,” said Pamela Bertelson of Burlington, Wisconsin, whose parents are both union workers in Burlington.

Talking Points Memo picked up the story:

From the story: "He's trying to break the poor people from political power," Lisa Werth, a DC nanny and the daughter of two Wisconsin union workers said of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).

The abcnews.com blog offered this piece:

A protester Jonathan Backer, from Kenosha, Wisconsin, saw the fundraiser as a political ploy to inject corporate power into government.

“It’s such a good representation of what’s wrong with our democracy right now.  There’s so much corporate power in our democracy where literally seconds after one of the worst anti-labor decisions that’s ever happened in the Midwest, you’ve got a big fundraiser going on here, right here in D.C.,” Backer told ABC News.

The Daily Kos covered the event:

"The occasion for the protest in DC was the arrival of the Wisconsin Republican state Senators facing recall. They were in town for a $1,000-per-head fundraiser, hosted at the offices of corporate lobbyists. They must have felt right at home, given what was happening both inside and outside the building."

The AFL-CIO, who was a sponsor of the protest, had this in their blog:

"The lawmakers are in town for a big corporate $1,000 a head fundraiser to help fill their recall election campaign coffers now that they have done the bidding of the CEOs who backed the assault (on collective bargaining)."

Coverage in Slate.com:

"With tickets going for between $1,000 and $5,000 a head, David Donnelly, national campaigns director for the Public Campaign Action Fund, says that the money will probably go towards fighting state senator recall efforts."

Yesterday's blatant corporate money grab on the heels of taking away workers' rights brought the energy from Wisconsin right into the heart of Washington, D.C. Hundreds of people gathered to stand with Wisconsin workers and against those lawmakers who recieved their corporate pay-off. It was a great example of people from all walks of life coming together to fight back against the corporate takeover of our democracy.

Click here for photos of the event.