How's That "Anti-Washington, D.C. Culture" Thing Working Out For You?

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A story in Politico today illustrates perfectly how Washington, D.C. works. With the need to raise huge sums of campaign cash for the next election well underway, the very large freshman class of Republican lawmakers are taking direction from old DC hats and teaming up to raise money by forming joint fundraising committees.

"To House Republican leaders, the joint fundraising committees accomplish a central goal of connecting the multitude of freshmen — many of whom are just getting their bearings in Washington — to a roster of well-heeled K Street PACs as early as possible in the election cycle."

That quote pretty much sums it up. Elected largely on a platform of changing the way Washington, D.C. works, the Freshman GOP are diving right in to the lobbyist fundraising culture. And using classic DC tactics, like the joint fundraising committees, to do it. Until the never-ending need to raise tons of campaign cash is done away with (hint: Fair Elections Now Act), this cycle will continue to repeat itself and nothing will ever really change.


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