NEW VIDEO: "How to Avoid Paying Taxes"

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As tax day approaches, and millions of Americans prepare to pay their taxes, Public Campaign Action Fund offers this Xtranormal video, "How to Avoid Paying Taxes," a funny take on how major corporations, notably GE, avoid paying anything at all in federal taxes. And be sure to check out the new report from Public Campaign, "The Artful Dodgers," which details how a dozen multinational corporations spent a billion dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions and avoided paying taxes.


From the report:

"It won’t come as any surprise that we found that the dozen tax dodging corporations invested heavily in Washington politics. While the extent to which these corporations and their executives spent is not knowable – corporations and wealthy executives regularly give to trade associations and political organizations without disclosing the donations – Public Campaign’s analysis found that the dozen corporations, their PACs, and executives spent more than $1 billion over the last ten years to influence Washington."

Watch the new Xtranormal video "How to Avoid Paying Taxes" by clicking here.

Check out the Public Campaign report on the 12 biggest corproate tax dodgers here.