Sorry, can't legislate--gotta fundraise

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Arizona Speaker of the House Kirk Adams, who recently had to pay back money for legally tenuous free trips he got from the Fiesta Bowl, is doing all he can to pass legislation that would send a repeal of the state's Clean Elections system to the ballot--something that would be a victory for the special interests in the state. (The Fiesta Bowl, of course, is under a lot of scrutiny now for giving free trips to lawmakers and coordinating illegal contributions to lawmakers as a way of influencing legislation affecting them).

He might run out of time, though. Not because there are bills to create jobs, or because there is some limit on how long the legislature can be in session, but because Adams has to get to Washington, D.C. for a fundraiser.

According to a report from the Arizona Capitol Reports, a subscription-only state house publication, "A rumor floating around the Capitol puts Adams in D.C. late next week for a fundraiser, with one insider saying the speaker wants session to be over by Wednesday in order to get to the Beltway for his campaign event."

A day or two after he may lead the charge to try to end a system like Clean Elections that gives people more say in the political process he'll be raising money from those that benefit from gutting that system—wealthy special interests.

It's why we need Clean Elections in the first place. With Arizona Clean Elections, candidates can focus on their job, not where they can get big checks.

Adams has had a tough time rounding up the votes for his legislation. Many of his sizeable Republican caucus, who won using Clean Elections, see it as an important check on groups like the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We'll keep you posted. And if you felt so inclined, you could give him a call: (602) 926-5495.