Class of 2010 Motto?: Dance With the Ones Who Brung Ya

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It seems that when the class of 2010 lawmakers aren't busy following the advise of longtime members of Congress on the need to raise huge amounts of campaign cash, they're "hard at work" paying back campaign contributors from the last election. Politico reports today that many freshman are fine-tuning the ancient D.C. craft of passing legislation tailored specifically toward their big money campaign donors.

"(The) bills don’t violate ethics rules because they affect a broad array of businesses, but “'appearances count for a lot. To many, this will seem to be payback for benefactors,” said Sheila Krumholz, the Center for Responsive Politics’s executive director. “There is the potential for pay-to-play politics at work, which is something that always should be scrutinized.'"

Many of these very same freshman members who campaigned hard against the culture in Washington, D.C. have not only embraced the dial-for-dollars daily routine that plagues Capitol Hill, but now they've figured out that all that special interest campaign money they received in 2010 came with a catch--you have to pay back the ones who put you there.

Instead of looking out for their constituents back home (you know, doing their job), they're doing what's "right" by those who write big checks. And by embracing this culture, many will soon find out what we've learned the last three election cycles--the American people will continue to vote for change until they get it. 

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