ARIZONA: Clean Elections Supporters Take to the Courts to Block Repeal Measure

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On Friday supporters of the Arizona Clean Elections law filed a lawsuit to block a Clean Elections repeal measure from reaching the ballot. The East Valley Tribune covered the suit, as did The Arizona Republic.

From the East Valley Tribune: "The problem, Attorney Paul Eckstein said, is it could be interpreted as barring not only direct contributions to a candidate's race but also other functions of the Citizens Clean Elections Commission, including its sponsorship of debates and voter education. And that, he said, means the proposal would do two different things, violating a requirement that constitutional amendments address only a single subject."

Senate Concurrent Resolution 1025 was passed by the legislature last month. Bouyed by the backing of wealthy special interests, who have for years attempted to repeal the popular law, supporters of the repeal pushed through the legislation at the 11th hour.

The dishonest wording of the ballot measure is nothing new. Opponents of Clean Elections have for years tried to confuse voters into disliking the program, which recent polling showed they absolutely love, with 79 percent of Arizonans backing the law.

The fight goes on in Arizona. Stay tuned for updates going forward.