NEW POLLING: Maine Voters Overwhelmingly Want to Keep Clean Elections Program

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In a poll released today by Maine Citizens for Clean Elections, more than eight in 10 Mainers say it is important to keep Clean Elections on the books in the state.

The polling comes as Gov. LePage released an updated budget package that would gut the Clean Election Fund, creating an enormous shortfall for the 2012 legislative elections; repeal Clean Elections for gubernatorial candidates; and more than triple the private contribution limit for gubernatorial candidates.

From the MCCE press release:

Jim Annis, a former Republican lawmaker from Dover-Foxcroft said, "Mainers chose in 1996 to lead on this issue. They continue to indicate through this poll that they don't want wall street or big money donors running main street. People want a voice with their elected leaders and they don't feel those with the biggest wallet should be the final voice in the room."

The Maine Clean Elections program has been a huge success and remains popular not only with citizens, but with politicians as well, with officials who ran under the Clean Elections program now holding 86 percent of the Senate and 78 percent of the Maine House of Representatives.

You can take action to help save Clean Elections by signing an open letter to the 125th legislature. Click here to sign the letter!

Click here for the full polling.