Let's End the Secret Money Arms Race

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They say actions speak louder than words. But in the world of money in politics, this mantra seems to have fallen on deaf ears. While President Obama and many members of Congress have called for changes to our campaign finance system, thus far rhetoric seems to have prevailed over concrete results.

As The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel notes in her recent column, it's time that members of leadership demonstrate their commitment to Fair Elections:

"Democrats could use this moment to seize the overwhelming bipartisan sentiment across this country that we need to curb the influence of money in our elections—even 62 percent of Republican voters and 60 percent of Tea Partiers agree!...President Obama’s rhetoric has been tremendous on occasion—his campaign language, response to the Citizens United decision, statements on the DISCLOSE Act—but he could also do more to forcibly push for the Fair Elections Now Act, a Presidential public financing fix, and passing the DISCLOSE Act which was defeated by a Republican filibuster."

We agree with this sentiment. "The bottom line is that people want a political system that is responsive to their needs,” notes Nick Nyhart, Public Campaign's president and CEO. “Elected officials who stand in the way of that could pay a price down the line.”

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