The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and How Rep. Darrell Issa Learned to NOT Blame Big Oil

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Here's a round-up of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's work for the week of May 23-27, 2011.

  • Today, the South Carolina Times and Democrat editorialized on a recently passed (and signed into law) voter ID measure, citing an op-ed by Public Campaign President & CEO, Nick Nyhart, and DEMOS Democracy fellow, Tova Wang, that outlines how these laws, and others like them, are about a broader agenda designed to consolidate power in hands of the wealthy elite, at the expense of ordinary Americans.
  • Immediately following the Senate vote on the Ryan budget plan, which included the controverial Medicare voucher program, Public Campaign Action Fund posted on the campaign cash that "yes" votes recieved from the insurance industry, as well as the shocking sum spent on lobbying since 2002.
  • In the post Citizens United world we now live in, outside group spending in our elections continues to make headlines. And the special election in NY-26 this past Tuesday was no different. We ran the numbers and showed that Republican outside spending in the race far outpaced that of Democratic groups.
  • With gas prices continuing to rise at the same time that Big Oil profits are breaking records, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) held a hearing this week, and went out of his way to say that the high prices at the pump are not the fault of the oil companies. We ran the numbers, and it's clear why he came to their defense. Hint: follow the money.
  • Here's a link to our daily clips of money in politics stories from this week.
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