George Allen's Questionable Company

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Former Sen. George Allen (and current Senate candidate) is holding a fundraiser today with some of his former colleagues at Cava, a Mediterranean restaurant, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

The Citizens United Political Victory Fund, Koch Industries PAC, and the Outback Steakhouse PAC are sponsoring the event, according to the Washington Post.

So who are these folks?

  • The Citizens United Political Victory Fund, of course, is related to Citizens United, the group that won the Supreme Court case that allowed unlimited, anonymous donations to flood our elections in the 2010 cycle.
  • Koch Industries is a major energy company whose billionaire owners have funded the climate change denial industry.
  • The Outback Steakhouse PAC is the committee for the OSI Restaurant Group, a company that has helped bankroll legislative and ballot initiative campaigns against raising the minimum wage.

The people that brought us unlimited corporate spending in elections, Big Oil billionaires, and minimum wage opponents. Keeping some good company there, George.