Connecticut: Citizens' Election Program is Making a Difference

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After two cycles, it's fair to say that Connecticut's Citizens' Election Program has been a resounding success. With more than three quarters of the seats in the General Assembly and all of the statewide seats held by Clean Elections officials, Connecticut has truly seen the impact of taking big money out of politics and putting voters back in.

State Rep. Bob Godfrey (D) recently commented on the close of the legislative session and how marked the change really is with the Citizens' Election Program:

"No drama. Just boring,'' Godfrey said outside the House chamber. "We pretty much finished everything that has to be done, like the budget. Most of the bills we are now running are for the members. In the old days, before the Citizens Election Commission [and public financing of campaigns], the lobbyists were out here trying to get their bills called. If there was ever an illustration of the loss of influence of lobbyists, this is it."

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