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"Stop doing your job, and get to work!" That, of course, is not an actual quote from Republican party leadership, but after some members of the class of 2010 reported low fundraising numbers this quarter, one could imagine them hearing it. Open Secrets has a blog post today that delves into the fundraising numbers of the freshman class of lawmakers, who were sent here presumably to legislate, and have found that's not necessarily the priority. 

From the Open Secrets blog post: "As soon as I got to Congress, people started asking me if I had started fundraising," said freshman Rep. Richard Nugent (R-Fla.). "I was amazed at that. It seems to me that a person ought to get some results first before you start getting too focused on re-election. Otherwise, what on earth are the voters sending you to Washington to do?"

It's as if some members of the class of 2010 actually exptected to govern instead of instantly dial-for-dollars. This attitude represents the exception, not the rule in the non-stop fundraising culture in Washington, D.C. The party brass is likely concerned about the lack of campaign money-raising fervor, and Mr. Nugent will perhaps be told to quit worrying about legislating, and hit the fundraising circuit. Geez, some people; doesn't he know how Congress works? 

If only there were more exceptions like Rep. Nugent.