The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and The $41 Million Question

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Here's a recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from September 26 through September 30, 2011.

  • Public Campaign, along with National People's Action, released a report: "Wall Street and the Supercommittee: The $41 Million Question." The report details the close ties from Wall Street and other financial industry interests to the supercommittee. Keep your friends close, but your donors closer?
  • It seems the Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) knows where his priorities lie - with the oil companies. According to the Associated Press, “Three commissioners appointed by Gov. Rick Perry may grant some of the nation's largest refineries a tax refund of more than $135 million — money Texas' cash-strapped schools and other local governments have been counting on to help pay teachers and provide other public services.”
  • GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has a new best friend: Wall Street! The shift in financial support of Wall Street executives from President Obama to Republican presidential hopeful, and friend of the banks, Mitt Romney, continues.
  • Freshmen GOPers are a quick study in Washington, D.C. fundraising culture.
  • An intriguing look at the poor conditions at immigrant detention centers world-wide, the obscene profits made by the corporations running them, and how political spending plays a role.

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