The Only Candidate Who Gets It?

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"I stand by you." Republican presidential candidate, former Gov. Buddy Roemer, issued a statement yesterday coming out in support of the fast-growing Occupy Wall Street movement.

Excerpt from Buddy Roemer's statement: "Money in politics has created institutional corruption. Both parties are guilty of taking the big check and are bought by Wall Street. My campaign is the only one that speaks out against this and I look forward to the day lobbyists are not allowed to donate to campaigns."

Roemer is the only candidate who seems to get it. Americans are fed up with a democracy that is bought and sold by corporate and special interests. That's why he won't accept a donation larger than $100 and won't take any PAC or special interest money.

Though he remains a longshot, Roemer's voice is an important one in this election. As the protesters on Wall Street and around the country are showing, Americans are tired of politics as usual, where the people who can write the big campaign checks get what they want, while the rest of us pay the price. 

Like Roemer, Public Campaign Action Fund issued a statement standing in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, going further by calling for an "occupied democracy." "We need an occupied democracy that prizes constituents and conscience over campaign donors, encourages--not obstructs voting, and isn't drowned out by corporate money."

As the movement continues to expand, it will be interesting to see whether the other 2012 candidates side with big money donors or ordinary Amercans who are struggling beacuse of the actions of Wall Street.