The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and Occupying the Week

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Here's a recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from October 11 through October 14, 2011.

  • Tone deaf. Supercommittee member, Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), heads to New York City to raise money with fellow Montana Senator, Jon Tester. Just ignore the Occupy Wall Street protesters on your way in, Senators.
  • What happens in Vegas...stays in the campaign bank account. Supercommittee member, Rep. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), filed his third quarter fundraising numbers yesterday, and while he stated he wouldn't schedule any additonal fundraisers during the supercommittee's work, he's still raking in the corporate campaign cash. Public Campaign issued this press release on Camp's jaunt to Vegas.
  • Book it! Public Campaign, along with the George Washington University Law School, are sponsoring a lecture (and book signing) with Harvard Law Professor and founder of Rootstrikers, Lawrence Lessig. His new book, "Republic, Lost," shows how money corrupts Congress and suggests policies and strategies that would bring sweeping change.
  • You're doing a heckuva job raising Wall Street money, Brownie! Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.), who's likely to face consumer advocate and Wall Street antogonist, Elizabeth Warren, in next year's election, will be joining the "D.C. cocktail circuit" with financial sector lobbyists on Oct. 18th.
  • "It's about fairness." Public Campaign President & CEO, Nick Nyhart, appeared on the Dylan Ratigan Show on Monday to discuss the Occupy movement, and Ratigan's effort to get big money out of politics.

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