By the 1%, of the 1%

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Public Campaign Action Fund released a statement today in response to the new ad from Crossroads GPS attacking Elizabeth Warren.

From the statement: "This ad is running on behalf of all the credit card companies that want to charge hidden fees, the Wall Street CEOs that wrecked our economy, and the bankers hoping Attorneys General will roll over in their settlement talks. And it's for Scott Brown, who took nearly $3 million from the 1% on Wall Street."

Warren has already responded to the ad, and she's not backing down: "We need a lot of voices saying, we’ve got to have change. Because it’s clear: Washington’s not looking to change on its own. And Wall Street is going to keep pumping money into Washington, pumping it into elections, to make sure that their way is the dominant way in this country. I think that’s wrong."

Right on.