Tagg Teaming It

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Tagg, you're it! The Huffington Post reports that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's son, Tagg, will be hitting up the K Street fundraising curcuit on behalf of his father on Wednesday. The event will feature a mostly under 40 crowd, and will have the added bonus of allowing the elder Romney to jet off to Manhattan for yet more fundraising with Wall Street 1%ers.

From the Huffington Post piece: "While Tagg is busy hobnobbing in D.C. with folks like Goldman Sachs lobbyist Joe Wall, big poppa Romney will be shuttling between a breakfast at Cipriani's on 42nd Street, a reception at the legendary Park Avenue penthouse of private equity billionaire Steve Schwarzman, and the Waldorf Astoria, where James Lee, a vice chairman at JPMorgan Chase, will host yet another reception."

Mitt Romney has raising money from lobbyists and Wall Street executives down to a science. And by sending Tagg out to these fundraising events, his campaign can be in two big money places at once, K Street lobby shops and swank gatherings in Manhattan. Anf a quick look at the guest list for Tagg's event shows that two lobbyists from Clark Lytle Geduldig & Cranford will be there. You may remember them for recently penning a memo on how to discredit the Occupy Wall Street movement

With the 99% as angry as ever about how big money, and Wall Street money in particular, is poisoning our democracy, this sends exactly the wrong message. While he may have dipped in the polls recently, if the GOP primary were a fight for campaign cash from the 1%, Romney would be winning in a landslide.