New York Times Editorial to Cuomo: "top priority now should be to clean up Albany’s pay-to-play culture."

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Shortly before Christmas, the New York Times editorialized on what the top priorities should be for Gov. Cuomo in 2012. Topping the list is an overhaul of the campaign finance system, specifically public financing of campaigns.

From the New York Times editorial: "Mr. Cuomo promised to root out corruption and clean up campaign money. It should top his to-do list for 2012."

Gov. Cuomo has voiced support for public financing of elections ("Voter-Owned Elections") in the past, including in his campaign for governor, as well as last year's state of the state address. On the heels of yet another pay-to-play scandal, the time for Cuomo and the State Assembly to act is now. The people of New York are tired of Albany's corrupt image and want a state government that represents their interests, not those of the people who write big campaign checks and throw in a little wink to boot.

Along with this latest editorial in support of Voter-Owned Elections, in November the Buffalo News came out in favor as well. Albany clearly needs to be cleaned up. Editorial boards know it, the people know it, and Gov. Cuomo knows it. It's up to him to act on it.