Mitch Daniels: Unlimited Money, Not Protests

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The administration of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) announced late last week that it would limit the ability of citizens to make their voices heard in the state house.

The new policy will limit the number of people allowed in the state house at any one time, something that appears to be aimed solely at cracking down on possible protests as the legislature gears up to pass anti-worker legislation in the coming months.

While Gov. Daniels may want to limit the ability of everyday people to make their voices heard at the legislature, he seems to have no problem giving wealthy special interests the unlimited ability to buy our elections.

The Indianapolis Star reported in 2008 that the governor is “opposed to limiting how much an individual or PAC can give” to political candidates (accessed via Lexis-Nexis).

“I've never been a fan of it,” he said.

Our elections are increasingly being pushed into the hands of an elite group of millionaires and billionaires and most Americans believe our elections are bought and paid for. Cracking down on dissent in the "people's house" but supporting a billionaire’s ability to buy elections should make people wonder who Gov. Daniels in really working for.

Oh, and here are the people and groups that funded his last election.