Nancy Pelosi on Citizens United Anniversary: Encourage Small Donors

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January 21 marked the second anniversary of the Supreme Court's Citizens United v. FEC decision that allowed for our elections to be pushed further into the hands of the wealthy elite.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi hit the nail on the head in her statement today on the decision. She said (emphasis added):

“Democrats are committed to restoring transparency and fairness to our political process – to fighting for a new politics free of special interest influence.  Our strategy is clear: we must fight for disclosure to shine a bright light on unlimited secret donations.  We must reform the system, empowering small donors and the grassroots with a greater role in our elections.  Ultimately, we must amend our Constitution, overturning the Supreme Court’s ruling that strengthened the hand of special interests at the expense of the people’s interest."

More transparency and a constitutional amendment won't solve all of our problems, we need to also pass legislation like the Fair Elections Now Act that would encourage candidates to focus on raising money from small donors back home. Fixing our broken political system will take more than just getting the money out--we also need to put everyday people back in.