Romney is consistent on at least one issue: Democracy is for rich people

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At a press conference today, presidential candidate Mitt Romney said of campaign finance laws:

"I think we've been very careful to make sure we're following the law as well as the intent of the law. I also think that the law itself is a very strange, awkward and inappropriate piece of legislation. I think this idea that people are limited in giving to a campaign and that they're unlimited in giving to a Super PAC and that, therefore, the campaign can't guide the very advertisement that's affecting its future makes no sense at all. I think our campaign finance laws ought to be thrown out and rewritten to remove this extraordinary anomaly."

He is essentially reiterating his belief that we should remove limits on contributions directly to candidates. Super PACs are already turning our elections into a battle between millionaires and billionaires and that would make things even worse.

In January, we released a video (embedded below) that highlight’s Romney’s three-part plan for a democracy of, by, and for the one percent—corporations are people, unlimited funds, and be rich to run of office. On that, at least this election cycle, he’s keeping consistent.

Here’s the video:

We think Romney should have stuck with his 1994 position on campaign finance, that "you have money playing far too important a role."