Super (PAC) Tuesday

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Ahead of today's "Super Tuesday" Republican primaries, super PAC spending (not surprisingly) has been huge. Restore Our Future, a super PAC backing Mitt Romney, has paced the field by shelling out $6.2 million in the 10 Super Tuesday states.

From USA Today: Outside groups, including super PACs, have spent nearly $11.5 million through midday Monday on television ads, automated calls and other campaign activity in the 10 states that vote Tuesday, a USA TODAY analysis of Federal Election Commission records shows.

This super PAC spending goes overwhelmingly toward negative ad's. This may be helping some candidates in the short term, notably Romney, but some see a detrimental effect overall for Republicans. Whatever the impact is on this race, one thing is clear; super PACs are hurting our democracy. Voters are being turned off by all of the negative ad's. Not to mention having their voices drowned out even further. Just wait til they see the general election.