The Unfortunate Parallels Between Wall Street Excess and Washington

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Public Campaign Action Fund's Executive Director David Donnelly had this piece yesterday in the Huffington Post on what Goldman Sachs whistleblower, Greg Smith, tells us about Washington, D.C. 

From Donnelly's peice: "More than anything else, Smith's unflinching take-down of the unethical turn at Goldman to serve themselves rather than their clients was what struck me. Our political system functions in exactly the same way. In fact, Goldman execs and its PAC have donated nearly $5.8 million to federal candidates and committees in the last two election cycles and has spent close to $9 million on lobbying in the last two years. That should come as no surprise given the nexus between Wall Street and Washington has been well-documented."

Yesterday's Goldman Sachs whistleblower bombshell tells us as much about our broken political system as it does about Wall Street. And as Donnelly aptly notes: "the essential challenge before us is getting everyday Americans invested in our democracy, and making voters and their votes the coin in the realm of American elections, not donors and their dollars." Amen.