Albany Can Kick the Money Habit

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This weekend the New York Times editorial page urged Gov. Cuomo and the New York legislature to move forward with Fair Elections:

"While New York waits for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to keep his promise to reform its election system, some powerful New Yorkers are stepping into the vacuum. A coalition that includes Barry Diller; Chris Hughes, a founding member of Facebook; the banker David Rockefeller Sr.; and the restaurateur Danny Meyer plans to push Albany into fixing the lax rules for financing political campaigns."

Business leader Leo Hindery, Jr. and Common Cause New York's Susan Lerner also had an op-ed in Crains New York Business arguing that Albany needs to take the "For Sale" sign off of the state capitol:

"Against this tsunami of mostly anonymous money, how can ordinary citizens compete for politicians' attention, however noble the cause? Instead of government by and for the people, we now have government bought and paid for by special interests...

While we await the Supreme Court's reversing or limiting its pernicious decision, we can clean up Albany by establishing a voluntary system of public financing of elections like the one we have in New York City, which diminishes the importance of large campaign contributions."

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