PCAF STATEMENT: Mike Fitzpatrick's Earmarks Highlight What's Wrong With Congress

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Public Campaign Action Fund issued a statement this morning after Roll Call reported that Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) has introduced eight tariff measures that would directly benefit a major campaign donor, United Color Manufacturing. 

From the statement: “Look no further than Mike Fitzpatrick to see why the American people have such a low opinion of Congress,” said Nick Nyhart, president of Public Campaign Action Fund. “This appears to be another special favor for a campaign donor, the kind of influence regular people just don’t get.”

Nyhart continued: “Fitzpatrick’s office of course denies any quid pro quo, but he should provide a full accounting of contact he’s had with these donors—at fundraisers and his campaign office—to let his constituents decide for themselves.”

Read the full statement here.