NEW REPORT: PACs Unlimited: How Legislator PACs Distort Maine Politics

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Our friends at Maine Citizens for Clean Elections (MCCE) are out with a new report: "PACs Unlimited: How Legislator PACs Distort Maine Politics," which finds that "vast sums of big money flow through PACs controlled by legislators. These PACs exist for the purpose of advancing personal interests and party agendas, and big donors contribute to these PACs for the purpose of shaping the legislative agenda and assuring access to legislative leadership. The legislative process whereby policy initiatives succeed or fail cannot be fully explained without understanding the continuing role of money in Maine legislative elections."

There will be more money in politics reports coming from MCCE in the coming weeks and months. These will be a vital resource for educating the public on why it's important to continue to work to strengthen Maine's Clean Elections law.

Click here to download the full report.