Bill Moyers Highlights Protest Against Rove

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In a segment last Friday about the “cowardly lions of ‘free speech,’” Bill Moyers featured a recent protest led by Public Campaign Action Fund—along with Campaign for America's Future, Rebuild the Dream, People for the American Way, The Other 98%, Health Care for America Now, Common Cause, Alliance for Justice, Public Citizen, SEIU, and other groups—against the anti-democracy Karl Rove secret money machine.

Saying that “three things don’t go together: money, secrecy, democracy,” Moyers pointed to the protest as an example of citizens using their First Amendment rights of assembly and petition to fight back against those trying to buy our elections with massive amounts of secret money.

(Coverage of the protest begins at 3:53)

Hundreds of protesters assembled outside the offices of American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS, “the right wing money mills run by the mastermind of much of this massive fundraising, Karl Rove.” At issue is the push by Rove and his plutocrat friends to subvert democracy by dumping unlimited secret money into our elections—leaving voters no idea who is trying to buy their elections.

A few protesters posted an indictment of Karl Rove on the office’s door for crimes against democracy and covered the area in white-collar crime scene tape. Of course, Karl Rove wasn’t there. He was too busy jet setting across the country picking up more millions to buy elections with. As Moyers put it, Rove “could be seen last weekend in casual wear, buzzing around in a golf cart at Mitt Romney’s Utah mountain gathering of high rollers.”

View a longer video of the protest, put out by Campaign for America's Future, here.