Lungren Takes S. Calif. Real Estate Cash While District Suffers

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On Monday, instead of spending time to address the foreclosure crisis that is particularly catastrophic in his Sacramento-area district, Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.) was raising money seven hours south in Newport Beach at a luncheon hosted by prominent Southern California real estate interests—not one of which was a constituent of his.

In particular, housing interests were well represented at the event, and the Congressman took money from mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and foreclosure services alike, filling his campaign coffers with the money of those who have profited from the underwater mortgages of California homeowners.

Some of the most notable figures that Lungren met with include:

It’s no secret that Lungren and real estate interests have had a cozy relationship, and the industry has rewarded him with over $517,000 in campaign contributions, making this his most heavily relied-on industry, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Lungren faces a tough general election, and spending time raising money hours away from his own district may make constituents wonder if he’s working for them in Washington, D.C.—or for his special interest friends in Los Angeles.