Obama's Big Money Bundlers

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While President Obama may preach the importance of grassroots donors, he has become increasingly reliant on big money bundlers. The Obama campaign consistently touts those that chip in $5, $10, even $75 dollars, arguing that they are the ones who "make the difference" in email blasts. But it's Hollywood elites, financial heavyweights, and business associates who give big bucks that are being lavished with attention.

According to internal documents obtained by The New York Times, these bundlers have raised or given at least $200 million for Obama's re-election and the Democratic National Committee. It is these bundlers who were offered access to briefings, post-speech parties, and priority booking at the best hotels during the Democratic National Convention.

"The campaign closely monitors its top bundlers, rating them by how much each individual or couple has raised and donated each year going back to 2007. Officials used that amount, in turn, to offer donor packages of access and entertainment for the convention last week, themed to the location in North Carolina: “OBX” (bumper-sticker shorthand for the Outer Banks) for those raising at least $1 million, down to “Carolina on My Mind” for those who have donated merely $75,800 to Mr. Obama and the Democratic National Committee, the maximum allowed under federal law," the Times reported.

While these documents expose more than is publicly available, President Obama has voluntarily disclosed a list of his bundlers. Mitt Romney has refused to do the same.