Sam Waterston Joins Fight for Fair Elections in New York

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Public Campaign, along with allies in New York and national partners, have enlisted the support of famous Law & Order actor Sam Waterston for the campaign to bring Fair Elections reform to the state. Waterston appeared in a video where he makes the case for Fair Elections and urges New Yorkers to contact their lawmakers to back the long-overdue measure. 

New York has some of the loosest campaign finance rules in America, with the highest contribution levels of any state that sets a limit. The result is a system where a few big contributors bankroll campaigns. That gives them an outsizeded role in calling the shots in Albany after Election Day, too – on everything from taxes to environmental protections to schools to the minimum wage.

The Fair Elections plan would change that, lowering contribution limits and implementing a system of small donor-driven public financing modeled after the successful system New York City uses for local elections.

The video has already been picked up by Capitol Tonight and the New York Times, as well as the Huffington Post.

Watch the video and sign the petition here.