Secretive Corporate Donations to Romney PAC in September Are Romney Campaign Donors

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The pro-Mitt Romney super PAC “Restore Our Future” filed its September fundraising report on Friday, noting $14.8 million in donations.

Two of those donations, $75,000 each from Allegany Yankee Holdings and Eastern Seaboard Inc, list the same address: PO Box 330, Wellsville, New York. Neither company has a web presence, giving voters no information on why they might be giving to the Romney campaign or what they might want in return for their donation.

So, we went a different route. The two companies share that address in Wellsville with Otis Eastern Service, “a leading pipeline contractor in the U.S.” for the oil and gas industry.

The company’s owners are also Mitt Romney donors, according to data provided by the Center for Responsive Politics, likely using the super PAC to skirt contribution limits.

The owners of the company, listed on the Otis Eastern Service website, are Charles M. and Charles P. Joyce. Charles M. has given $5,000 to the Romney campaign. Charles P. tried to give $7,500, but received a $2,500 refund for violating limits. Richard Joyce donated $650, and Randy Shayler of Otis donated $4,500.

The oil and gas industry has overwhelming favored Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama this election, with millions in donations to both his campaign and super PAC and the head of the oil industry trade association is in the running to have a position in a Romney administration.