Mitch McConnell Kicks Off 2014 Campaign With DC Lobbyists

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Fresh off an embarrassing Election Day for Senate Republicans, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (D-Ky.) held a fundraiser for his “2014 kickoff” with about two-dozen Washington lobbyists.

The event, held at the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee offices, was “packed” with at least 21 lobbyists, according to Politico.

Lobbyists in attendance included representatives for Verizon, Google, Time Warner, and energy giant Southern Company. The three billionaire Koch brothers were also well represented, with lobbyists for both Charles and David’s Koch Industries and Bill’s Oxbow Carbon in attendance.

Mitch McConnell could face a tough re-election in 2014 and he’s been filling his bank account with special interest cash to prepare. National Journal reported last winter that McConnell was ”dialing for dollars” almost nightly after Senate business was finished.

Investing in Mitch McConnell may win these lobbyists legislative favors, but the more special interest money he takes, the more difficult his re-election campaign will become. With every $1,000 contribution there's another piece of McConnell on the auction block, and Kentuckians knows that means that he's not working for them.