Sen. David Vitter: I'm going to Disney World (for a fundraiser)!

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When it comes to influence peddling in Washington, big donors don't need a magic lamp to make their wishes come true, just a big check to Sen. Vitter. Just days after the election, special interests hoping to influence Vitter are joining him on a fundraising trip to Disney World.

The Sunlight Foundation reports that his leadership political action committee (PAC), “Louisiana Reform PAC,” is holding a “Disney Weekend with Sen. David Vitter” this weekend in Florida. The cost to attend is $2,500 per person or committee.

The biggest giving industries to Lousiana Reform this cycle were health professionals ($29,300), oil and gas ($24,900), and real estate ($23,300). The PAC also handed out $39,000 in contributions to candidates in 2012, according to the Center for Responsive Politics