BREAKING NY NEWS: Strong Fair Elections Supporter Prevails in Critical State Senate Race

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This morning Fair Elections supporter Cecilia Tkaczyk officially became the newest state senator in New York, after all the votes were finally counted. Cecilia Tkaczyk's victory is a major boost to the campaign for publicly financed Fair Elections in New York. 

The battle for NY46 turned on the issue of money in politics and her campaign proved that New Yorkers are tired of the corrupting influence of big money on politics, where major campaign contributions grease the wheels to special access and preferred legislative outcomes for a select few.

Voters indicated their overwhelming support for a small donor matching fund system that would limit the influence of CEO campaign contributors and allow every voice to be heard. We look forward to seeing Tkaczyk going to Albany and pushing the legislature to enact real reforms to change the way lawmakers to business.

Follow the campaign to bring Fair Elections to New York here.