How April In New York Can Change The Country

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Public Campaign Action Fund board member Zephyr Teachout had this piece in the Huffington Post last night, which discusses how the campaign to bring Fair Elections to New York State can change the big money landscape all over the country.

From the article: "So you're depressed about Citizens United, and you feel there are no options. You want a theory of change, how we get from candidates raising all their money from one-percenters to candidates raising all their money from $50 donations? There is a theory. Its already happening, its being run by a coalition called Fair Elections New York, and it could all start happening in April in New York."

The five steps Teachout lays out in her piece are all conceivable offshoots of reform in Albany. The campaign for Fair Elections in New York has been in full swing for months, with April representing a critical time for the movement, as lawmakers move beyond the budget and onto other priorities.

Teachout notes that: "If you've got nothing going on, maybe you should come to the state house and hold a sign." That is certainly true, but there are many other ways to get involved in this potentially historic campaign.

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