New Poll: New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Fair Elections Reform

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New York voters strongly support legislative efforts to reduce corruption and raise the voices of everyday people in the political process, according to new polling released today by New York Friends of Democracy and the Fair Elections for New York campaign.

“There is a serious, dangerous disconnect between the people and their elected officials in Albany due to corruption and the influence of money in politics,” said Public Campaign Action Fund's David Donnelly in a statement. “This survey shows that voters know the problem isn't about a few bad apples, they want a systematic overhaul of the way our elections are financed.”

On the heels of a series of public corruption arrests in the Empire State, this polling conducted by Global Strategy Group and Mercury Public Affairs finds that New York voters—Democrat, Republican, and Independent—overwhelmingly support a variety of proposals to reform New York State’s campaign finance laws.

Key findings:

  • The job being done by New York’s state legislature is rated negatively by 71% of likely voters, and 82% place the blame for the legislature’s poor performance on corruption and the influence of money in politics.
  • Fully 97% of voters say it is important for state leaders to address “reducing the influence of money in politics and ending corruption,” including 50% who say it is extremely important and another 39% who say it is very important.
  • 80% of Independents, 75% of Democrats and 68% of Republicans support Fair Elections for New York’s proposal to provide public matching funds for small donations, lower contribution limits, disclose the spending of outside groups, and more strictly enforce all campaign finance laws.

“(Voters) believe that there's got to be something that is done to fix the culture of corruption in Albany and they think that campaign finance reform is certainly a key part of doing that,” said Jefrey Pollock, one of the pollsters who conducted the survey.

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