N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Establishes Anti-Corruption Commission

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Public Campaign Action Fund applauds the strong action taken by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today in naming a Moreland Commission to probe campaign finance-related corruption in the legislature.

The commission, whose 25 members include 10 district attorneys and many experts on money in politics, will look for evidence of pay-to-play exchanges of campaign contributions for favorable legislation and other public corruption.

In this action, Gov. Cuomo is making good on his promise to the citizens of New York that if the state legislature failed to take action against the epidemic of corruption in state politics, that he would name a Moreland Commission to continue to press the issue. N.Y. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will appoint members of the commission as deputy attorneys general in order to better empower them to pursue leads into corruption.

The Fair Elections for New York Campaign, of which Public Campaign is a member, released this statement:

“The Governor has appointed an impressive bipartisan Commission that can restore the public's trust in government by focusing its efforts on systemic reform. New Yorkers want and deserve a campaign finance system that makes lawmakers accountable to voters, not donors.

… “We look forward to working with the Governor, Attorney General and members of the Commission to further develop systemic policy recommendations for comprehensive campaign finance reform, starting with publicly funded elections.”

Campaign finance legislation, with public financing of elections at its core, was blocked from reaching the floor of the New York Senate by a power sharing duo of Republican leader Sen. Dean Skelos and Independent Democratic Caucus head Sen. Jeff Klein.