Koch Brothers Will Flood Hundreds of Millions into 2014 Elections

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Think the lack of a presidential race in the 2014 elections will mean big money won’t play a role? Not if Charles and David Koch have anything to do with it. 


Peter Stone, of the Daily Beast reports on the Koch brothers’ semi-annual fundraiser and policy seminar retreat to be held in California next weekend. Expected to attend the retreat are top conservative politicians donors and politicians alike, including Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL). 


Stone writes: “… the billionaire Koch brothers and scores of wealthy allies have set an initial 2014 fundraising target of $290 million which should boost GOP candidates and support dozens of conservative groups—including a new energy initiative with what looks like a deregulatory, pro-consumer spin, The Daily Beast has learned.”


Stone gives readers a point of comparison, noting that in 2012, the Koch brothers helped to raise around $400 million. The obscene nearly $300 million goal, from which their donor network is not far off, will no doubt influence November’s key congressional elections. Attempts to thwart the Democrats’ policy initiatives regarding climate change, including President Obama’s recent rollout of a plan to reduce carbon emissions, have already begun. 


What other policy will the Koch brothers’ money buy this elections cycle?