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From Sunlight Foundation: The One Percent of the One Percent

Our friends at the Sunlight Foundation came out with a new report yesterday: The One Percent of the One Percent, which shows that in the 2010 election cycle an overwhelming percentage of campaign contributions to candidates and political parties come from the upper 1% of

Gregg Harper Should Work to Improve--Not Eliminate--Presidential Public Financing

“you know, if it wasn't for special-interest groups coming to see us, we wouldn't have anything to do.”

That's a quote from Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) at the 2009 hearing on the Fair Elections Now Act, a bill that would bring a small-dollar matching system to Congress. Now Rep. Harper is leading an effort to eliminate the presidential public financing system.

Perks From Delta? Answer the Question, Congress

Public Campaign Action Fund sent letters to 20 members of Congress yesterday requesting full disclosure of any benefits they’ve received from Delta Air Lines as Congress considers the long-term Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization legislation. Delta has been the only airline lobbying on the anti-union National Mediation Board Provision and has been pouring campaign contributions into members’ campaign coffers.

Rep. Baucus' County Goes Bankrupt, But Thanks to Wall Street, His Campaign Account Never Will

Right in his own back yard. Jefferson County, Alabama filed for bankruptcy yesterday, making it the largest municipality ever to do so. What does this have to with money and politics? It just so happens to be the home county of Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.), who chairs the House Financial Services Committee.

NEW REPORT: Payback Time? The Supercommittee & Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Public Campaign, along with Oil Change international, released a new report yesterday: "Payback Time? The Supercommittee & Fossil Fuel Subsidies." The report shows that the 12 members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, or “supercommittee,” have received at least $4.2 million in campaign contributions from dirty energy interests lobbying to keep their wasteful taxpayer subsidies.

The Crap We're Tired of Hearing About

Yesterday, Congressman Joe Walsh told a constituent, "Don’t blame banks, and don’t blame the marketplace for the mess we’re in right now! I am tired of hearing that crap!”

Well, we're tired of our Congress being bought off by Wall Street. That's why we created a new website to let Rep. Walsh, and other Wall Street apologists like him, know what we're tired of.

With His Latest Probe, Who Is Rep. Darrell Issa Really Looking Out For?

House Oversight Committee Chairman, Rep. Darell Issa (R-Calif.), "is pushing for a federal probe of a New York City community organization based on a Fox News report that accused the organization of improperly aiding the Occupy Wall Street movement and linked the group to the now defunct ACORN," according to a story yesterday in the Huffington Post.

Congressman Goes to Bat for Medical Devices Industry, Reaps the Rewards

The New York Times reports today on a relatively obscure member of Congress, Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Minn.), who pushed the House Oversite Committee to rein in the approval process for new medical devices. Why was he so adamant about streamlining this process? His campaign bank account might just have the answer.

“Occupy” Movement Descends on Mortgage Bankers Association in Chicago

The Occupy movement that’s been sweeping the nation continued yesterday in Chicago, where protesters gathered outside a meeting of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA).

The Chronicles of Money, Politics, and Occupying Wall Street...and democracy

Here's a recap of Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund's (PCAF) work from October 3 through October 7, 2011.