House Passes Pro-Special Interest Legislation

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Vote to end presidential public financing: “completely tone deaf”

Washington, D.C.—Public Campaign Action Fund released the following statement in response to House passage of pro-special interest legislation to end the presidential public financing system. The legislation passed by a margin of 235 to 190.

Statement from David Donnelly, national campaigns director:

“With the continuing national debate about the influence of Wall Street and other corporate interests on our political process, a vote to end rather than fix this anti-corruption law is completely tone deaf. Though, in a year in which House Republicans have done nothing but push legislation to benefit the bankers, Big Oil, and insurance companies funding their campaigns, we shouldn’t be surprised.

“Congress should fix, not eliminate this program. They should be working to raise the voice of the 99%, not give the 1% even more control over our political process.”

Public Campaign Action Fund’s (PCAF) electoral accountability project, Campaign Money Watch, will consider today’s vote in its electoral targeting decisions in the 2012 election. The group has spent approximately $10 million in congressional and presidential races.

Recently, Campaign Money Watch was one of the top independent expenditure campaigns in the successful effort to recall anti-Clean Elections Arizona State Senate President Russell Pearce, focusing the campaign entirely on his corruption and opposition to Clean Elections, the state’s public financing system.

On Thursday, the House voted to pass HR 3463, legislation that would eliminate the presidential public financing system that was passed after the Watergate scandal. It would also eliminate the Election Assistance Commission.

In addition to the Pearce recall campaign, the organization ran ad campaigns earlier this year about three House freshmen’s votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act after taking significant insurance industry cash. To see those ads and others from past election cycles, visit our YouTube page at The Pearce direct mail campaign is available at


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