Campaign Finance Watchdogs Join SOPA Blackout

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Washington, D.C.—Campaign finance watchdogs Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) released the following joint statement today regarding its decision to join the SOPA blackout protests.

Statement from Nick Nyhart, president and CEO of Public Campaign and David Donnelly, national campaigns director of PCAF:

“Like none other in several generations, we are living through an political era that pits ‘the money vs. ‘the many.’ In this case, big media companies have spent millions to push legislation ahead in the name of ending online piracy.

“That’s why we are joining the online protest today of the legislation that could damage the internet and limit people’s access to democratizing information.

“Public Campaign and Public Campaign Action Fund believe that it's important not just to get the big money out of politics, but also to get voters back in. It’s clear that when people are engaged like they have been on this fight, the priorities of Congress shift.

“In fact, on the cusp of the second anniversary of the Citizens United decision, the reaction to these bills by everyday Americans shows that the First Amendment belongs to all of us, not just those with the deepest pockets. We need reforms to our campaign finance system to make this type of citizen engagement the rule rather than the exception.”

Public Campaign and PCAF’s websites today will feature the following message: “SOPA cosponsors took nearly $2 million in campaign donations from big media. The First Amendment belongs to all of us, not deep-pocket interests.”