Watchdog Launches Petition to Pressure Obama on Constitutional Amendment

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Washington, D.C.—Public Campaign Action Fund (PCAF) launched a petition campaign to urge President Obama to live up to his word of offering a “forceful response” to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. FEC decision by supporting a constitutional amendment to get big money out of our political system.

The petition is available online at

“We want President Obama to follow through with the ‘forceful response’ he pledged two years ago,” said David Donnelly, national campaigns director for Public Campaign Action Fund. “If city or town councilors can speak out on this issue, so can the president.

“And he should speak out now,” Donnelly continued. “Citizens United is turning two years old, and America is looking ahead to the worst case of political ‘terrible two’s’ we’ve ever seen.”

Saturday marks the second anniversary of the Court’s decision to allow wealthy special interests to take even more control over our elections and protests and actions are planned across the country to commemorate it.

PCAF will work with other groups in the coming weeks to build support for this call and pressure the president to announce a plan to reduce the influence of special interest money in our political system.

New polling released yesterday by PCAF and Democracy Corps shows that voters oppose the Citizens United decision and want their elected officials to act to reduce the influence of lobbyists and special interests. Polling analysis is available at


“There’s a growing movement across the country to respond to the Court’s terrible decision in Citizens United and President Obama should join the fight,” said Donnelly.