Obama Must Provide Muscular Plan to Save Our Ailing Democracy

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Washington, D.C.—President Obama’s decision to green-light super PAC money in support of his re-election means that talk is no longer enough and he must provide—and execute—a muscular plan to save our ailing democracy, said campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund.

Statement from Nick Nyhart, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund and David Donnelly, national campaigns director:

“The pro-special interest decisions by Roberts Court and the inevitable actions by presidential candidates and groups to take advantage of them means that financing of the 2012 election will be squarely in the hands of big check-writing billionaires and corporate interests.

“What separates the candidates now is what they will do in the near term and after the election to fix it. Mitt Romney has said he wants even more special interest money flowing directly into campaign war chests. President Obama should sharply distinguish his vision from his potential opponent by campaigning on a platform of 'elections of, by, and for the people' – all the people. Such a platform means a muscular 'all of the above' program: a small-donor driven campaign system, a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, no big money nominees to the Supreme Court, increased disclosure, and a cop on the beat at the FEC to strictly police our campaign finance laws.

“It’s halftime in America and who controls our democracy is at stake. If President Obama is willing to fix Detroit, why not our elections?


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