National Campaign Finance Watchdog Launches Campaign in New York to Pressure State Lawmakers on Fair Elections

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Washington, D.C.—National campaign finance watchdog Public Campaign Action Fund launched the first wave of its campaign pressuring New York lawmakers to pass legislation to raise the voice of everyday people in the political process. Over 40,000 Republican, Democratic, and Independent voters in four Senate districts will begin receiving mail pieces today urging them to call on their Senator to support public financing of elections. As reported in the New York Times last week, this is part of a broad-based effort to urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature to pass a bill this year.

“New Yorkers are ready for a system that works for them, not just big donors and wealthy CEO campaign contributors,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “These four Senators will begin hearing that loud and clear. “

The group chose the four Senators—Greg Ball (R), Roy McDonald (R), Mark Grisanti (R), and Martin Golden (R)—because they have shown independence from their caucus and represent diverse constituents in different geographic areas of the state.

On front, the mail pieces read, “Senator [Last Name], You have a chance to put voters before corporate lobbyists in Albany. Can we count on you?” On back, the piece urges voters to call their Senator and say, “We’re counting on you to vote for Fair Elections campaign finance reform.” The four pieces are available online at

Over the past decade, Public Campaign Action Fund has assisted state advocates around the country in efforts to pass public financing systems, providing policy guidance, field support, and assistance in engaging national organizations to mobilize their grassroots base. Its electoral accountability arm, Campaign Money Watch, has spent $10 million in the past five election cycles at the state and federal level.

“Passing Fair Elections in New York would be the first significant policy reform victory in this post-Citizens United world,” said Nick Nyhart, president of Public Campaign Action Fund. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislature should set an example for Congress and the country and fix New York’s broken political system.”


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