McConnell’s Re-Election Message of Fighting Washington Launched Within Days of Raising Money from Washington Lobbyists

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As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell launches his re-election campaign with a new television ad claiming he's protecting Kentucky against Washington, he will attend at least two big money fundraisers with Washington lobbyists and well-connected donors.

“Mitch McConnell can try to paint over his 27 year record in Washington with an ad saying he ‘loves Kentucky’ but his real passion is for raising money from every special interest under the sun,” said David Donnelly, executive director of Public Campaign Action Fund. “Kentuckians will be told he’s protecting them from Washington, but was he protecting them or his donors when Sen. McConnell gave away hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to pharmaceutical giant Amgen in the fiscal cliff negotiations in December?”

On Tuesday, McConnell was scheduled to attend a fundraiser for his campaign at the offices of Washington lobbying firm RB Murphy and Associates. The firm has represented hospital and pharmaceutical interests in the past, and currently lobbies for Google and Altria. On Wednesday, he will attend a fundraiser for Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R), an event being hosted by about 20 lobbyists and corporate political action committees (PACs), according to Tuesday's event is at least the eighth fundraiser he has held for his campaign in Washington since November.

“Sen. McConnell can run from Washington all he wants, but based on his dreadful poll numbers, Kentuckians can see right through it,” said Donnelly.

McConnell is the leading opponent of efforts to raise the voices of everyday people in our political system through common sense campaign reform.


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