Kentucky 2014: The first $100 million Senate race?

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The Washington Post reported this weekend that "Mitch McConnell's re-election bid in Kentucky may result in the first Senate contest to crest the $100 million mark," which would be nearly $20 million more than the record-setting Massachusetts Senate race in 2012 and roughly triple what was spent on McConnell's re-election in 2008.

Statement from Public Campaign Action Fund Executive Director David Donnelly:

"Whether the Senate race reaches $100 million or not, Kentuckians who are struggling in this economy will be deluged with a constant reminder of why Congress is out of touch with their lives: politicians spend their time raising money to pour into TV ads rather than spending time working for everyday people. And that money, by and large, comes from the very same special interests that are seeking tax breaks and special deals in Washington. It's no wonder Americans trust car salesmen more than members of Congress."


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