Watchdog Group: Herpin’s Junket Subject of New Ad Campaign

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Public Campaign Action Fund, a campaign finance and ethics watchdog, launched a television ad campaign today to educate voters in the upcoming recall election for the Colorado Senate’s 11th District.

The ad criticizes former Colorado Springs City Councilor Bernie Herpin for participating in a controversial $25,000 junket billed to utility ratepayers. Herpin later tried to hide emails from the public in which the El Paso County treasurer criticized him for going on the junket and asking the city clerk for favorable redistricting.

“Citizens deserve ethical elected officials, and Herpin’s participation in this utility junket raises serious questions about the decisions he would make as a state senator,” said David Donnelly, Public Campaign Action Fund’s executive director. “That he then tried to hide emails about it raises questions about whether voters can trust him to be straight with them.”

The script for the ad is below:

"For most of us a utility bill is just another dent in our pocketbook, but for Bernie Herpin, it's a chance to travel in style.

"On the Council, Herpin went on a $25,000 utility junket paid for by us, the ratepayers. When the controversy came to light, Herpin tried to hide the evidence from the taxpayers.

"If the recall succeeds, he'll be our state senator. Say no to the recall. Say no to Bernie Herpin."

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