Major Political Donors Call For Reforms To Lift Voices of All Americans in Political System

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Washington, D.C.—Sixty political donors representing over $12 million in federal political giving have signed an open letter in support of campaign reform efforts to raise the voices of everyday people in the political process.

The letter, organized by Public Campaign Action Fund, Voices for Progress, and Friends of Democracy, states:

“In federal and many state and local elections, and even elections for state courts, extraordinarily wealthy individuals and powerful corporations exercise vastly outsized influence. We urge you to fix today’s broken campaign finance laws. Nothing less than our democracy is at stake.

We who sign this letter raise and give substantial sums for elections. The influence that people like us have will be curtailed by the changes we seek, but our democracy must return to the First Amendment principle that all Americans, not just the wealthy, must have their voices heard.”

The 60 donors who signed the letter have given over $12 million in political contributions to federal candidates, party committees, and leadership PACs over the years.

"As a former CEO, I know that America works best when the best, most innovative ideas prevail. Unfortunately in politics, too often the best ideas come second to who has the most money,” said Christie Hefner, former Chairman, C.E.O., Playboy Enterprises. “It shouldn't be this way and it doesn't have to be this way. That's why I signed this letter and why I support policy proposals to lift up the voices of all Americans in our political system."

 The letter calls for reforms that empower ordinary Americans in our democracy, specifically reform that:

  • Encourages all Americans to make modest contributions, utilizing mechanisms such as tax credits, vouchers, and amplifying small donations with matching funds;
  • Strongly incentivizes candidates to reach out to everyday constituents and spend less time courting deep-pocket interests and dialing for long-distance dollars;
  • Passes constitutional muster by expanding political speech for millions of Americans;
  • Is adequately funded to allow candidates to rely on small donations and public funds and run a financially competitive campaign; and
  • Eliminates the conflict of interest that inevitably occurs when candidates raise or benefit from substantial sums provided by people who seek to influence policy.

"The time members of Congress spend dialing for dollars from people like me is time not spent focused on their constituents and the job they were elected to do,” said Alan Patricof, managing director of Greycroft Partners. “I support reforming the way our elections are financed because the American people deserve a political system that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected."

If you'd like to add your name to this donor letter, conact Rahna Epting.


Public Campaign Action Fund works to raise the voices of everyday people in our political process and holds politicians who are against comprehensive campaign finance reform accountable for where they get their political donations.

Voices for Progress, a project of The Advocacy Fund, is a non-profit organization formed in 2009 with the mission to educate philanthropists, business leaders, state & local elected officials, and other community leaders to efficiently and effectively advocate with federal policy-makers on important issues facing Congress.

Friends of Democracy seeks to build the political power necessary to force meaningful change in the way money flows in and around politics and the influence it wields.